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Episode Notes

Many business owners forget themselves during the process of running their businesses. They continue to put everything into the company and fail to include themselves in the picture, especially when it comes to finances. Whether or not you’re a business owner, if you still find yourself lacking in this aspect, Philip “PT” Taylor helps by making you understand personal finances. He is an icon in the personal finance industry and the man behind the blog, PT Money. PT talks about his own personal journey of getting out of debt and monetizing a blog. Through his experiences, he was able to extract incredible lessons that he generously shares, from discovering the idea of paying yourself first and automating your finances with a system to being able to tap into your community.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • How he found his way out of financial crisis through blogging (02:45)
  • When he started monetizing (04:44)
  • What his wife taught him about being financially responsible (10:40)
  • His counterintuitive advice to help you create a better financial life (18:18)
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