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Episode Notes

Everyone is born with a purpose. We all have a gift that we can use to contribute to the world. This gift is your avatar, and it is our life’s goal to identify exactly what that gift is. Ridgely Goldsborough helps people discover their avatars by laying down the seven avatar types: the giver, the connector, the problem solver, the innovator, the perfectionist, the rebel, and the master. He breaks down each of these and explains the superpowers they possess as well as their kryptonite, helping people re-align with what their purpose is and how they can best impact world.
In this episode you’ll learn:
  • The seven avatars and the superpowers they possess (13:06)
  • How you can communicate with somebody that’s a master (27:54)
  • The four laws of prosperity to be the most effective (31:49)
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