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Episode Notes

“If you put yourself in the path of opportunity, then the opportunity will flow all around you.” – Roland Fraiser

There are high windows of opportunities out there that we can look to make the most out of our business. Roland Frasier knows exactly the value of putting yourself in the path of opportunity, sharing that with us as he covers ground about structuring creative deals, thin slicing, and exiting smart. He is the Principal and Founder of the Traffic & Conversion Summit, CEO of War Room Mastermind, and Principal in,, and Real Estate Worldwide. With all of these under his name, Roland takes us into an insightful and exciting ride across some of his deals – from the $1.5-million deal with Richard Branson to leveraging his Traffic & Conversion Summit deal. Join us as Roland teaches the formula for incredibly high-level thinking in business where you maximize valuation and profitability.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • Maximizing valuation and profitability with “Thin Slicing”
  • The Formula for incredibly high-level thinking in business
  • Acquiring businesses with NO money down
  • Pulling off a $1.5-million deal with Richard Branson
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