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Episode Notes

As business owners, there is nothing more that we want than to have the know-hows to growing a business quickly. After all, that is one of our ultimate goals even from when we started. Ross Paquette, CEO and the Founder of Maropost, has the experience and insights to tell us about scaling your business. He shares how he went from a one-man operation to having a business that is now valued at over nine figures. Ross touches on what work ethic really means and why it is important. With Maropost being a marketing automation company, Ross also shares about what he thinks about the future of email communication and how it has been the backbone in the industry for the most part.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • How Ross accomplished so much revenue with a small team (05:55)
  • Whether sponsorship is a key factor to Ross’ success (08:09)
  • The difference between hustle-and-grind and putting in the hours (11:21)
  • Ross’ secrets for attracting the right talent (14:36)
  • The future of email (23:08)
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