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Episode Notes

Sometimes, it can feel that it would be easier to give up when faced with life’s adversities. Ryan Long, philanthropist and founder of City Gala and City Summit, shows you another way. In this podcast, Long shares how failure can actually be a jumping off point for success (and sharing that success with others). Long also walks you through his personal journey, from his own challenging upbringing to his giant success and crusade to help others overcome crippling adversity. As someone who has worked with high-profile celebrities and notable people, Ryan shares how to attract and approach big names for your events. He also gives a behind-the-scenes look on what the deal is with profit or non-profit events.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • What Ryan’s childhood was like (8:44)
  • Where Ryan’s insane work ethic came from (11:28)
  • How Ryan got into personal development (12:52)
  • How to get someone notable and important involved in your charitable or business events (18:52)
  • Some misconceptions about nonprofits (27:10)
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