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Episode Notes

There’s a big stigma that surrounds debt. Sometimes debt can be the result of bad things happening to good people. Author, lawyer, and podcast host Shawn Yesner wants you to stop beating youreslf up over your debt. Shawn understands that people feel bad about having X amount of dollars in debt, but his goal is to get them to stop feeling bad for themselves and start crushing their debt. Shawn teaches us about the psychology of banks and discusses how you can leverage your debt for your benefit. He also touches on creating multiple streams of income and creating wealth for yourself.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Shawn’s top tips for getting out of debt (11:22)
  • What folks in debt should know (15:49)
  • What some companies are doing to mess with people that you should look out for (20:12)
  • What Shawn has done to create multiple streams of income for himself (24:33)
  • One of Shawn’s defining moments that completely changed the course of his life (35:20)

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