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Episode Notes

After being set on fire at the age of eight, Shay Eskew was told he’d never live a normal life. The doctors were right — Shay Eskew is anything but normal. He is an All-American and All-World ranked Ironman triathlete. He’s a burn survivor with scars over 65% of his body and a sought-out national motivational speaker. Shay’s mantra is “don’t be a finisher, be a competitor.” Shay Eskew is a living testament that anything is possible. Shay talks about the incident and how putting yourself through the right kind of pain can actually benefit you. If you’re looking for a little kick to get you doing the things you need to do (but might not WANT to do), then you’re going to love this show.


In this episode you’ll learn:
  • What went on in Shay’s head when he realized he was on fire (3:05)
  • Why Shay wouldn’t change anything about undergoing his ordeal (7:03)
  • What kept Shay going (22:54)
  • Shay’s path to Ironman (27:28)
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