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Episode Notes

Learning from our past mistakes helps us make better decisions moving forward. The economic crash of 2008 provided critical lessons and takeaways that everyone can benefit from. Drawing from his experience on the crash of 2008, financial advisor Stuart Arakelian talks about wealth acceleration, allocation, and diversification. He also shares some creative strategies on wealth transference as well as some tips on how to thoroughly vet a financial planner or advisor. Stuart thinks differently than other financial advisors. He formed Arakelian Wealth Management in 1997 after spending over ten years in Fresno working for two major life insurance companies. Stuart has built a respectable and diverse clientele and maintains a manageable number of clients, which allows him to effectively oversee and coordinate all of their financial affairs.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • Stuart’s big takeaways from the big crash of 2008 (10:54)
  • The purpose of a solid financial foundation (16:16)
  • Stuart’s preferred vehicle to use for wealth acceleration (29:48)
  • Some things that people need to consider when it comes to the preservation and the protection of wealth (49:07)
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