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Episode Notes

It’s been said that water is the driving force of nature. Of all the things we put into our body, the one thing we cannot live without is that. Yet people fail to value water, often replacing it with unhealthy sodas to sweetened tea, putting more sugar into the body. Author, public speaker, and certified nutritionist, Terry Givens has a passion for wellness and shares the importance of keeping water into your diet. Terry explains why many are not drinking enough water and explains statistics about its true effects. He also talks about the water challenge, gives a peek into his book Reset Your Body, and teaches some of the methods he had simplified to achieve a much healthier lifestyle.
In this episode you’ll learn:
  • The benefits of the water challenge (11:56)
  • What started Terry with the water challenge (17:04)
  • The difference between health and fitness (21:38)
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