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Episode Notes

Marking the 100th episode, Dustin lets us in on a treat as he takes the best segments from all of the best shows here at GetWealthFit! Celebrating this MILEstone, he gathers great insights on money, investing, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship shared by the top money-maker, investors, and celebrity entrepreneurs in the span of 100 episodes. Financial editor of NBC, Jean Chatzky, discusses the differences between how men and women are towards money; The Money Couple, Scott and Bethany Palmer, shares the five money personalities; J.P. Servideo of the Future FortuneBuilders discusses helping kids with money; Ellen Long, a certified financial planner, teaches how to exit college debt-free; and best-selling author, Garrett Gunderson, talks about what to do with cash and what the future looks like. Moving towards investing, Matt Wallace, metals expert, talks about making money with gold; Rich Dad Poor Dad advisor Andy Tanner dives into the fallacy of investing in 401(k), while the man behind Rich Dad Poor Dad himself, Robert Kiyosaki, rants about fake teachers and being wary of information. Real estate investor and philanthropist, Frank McKinney, takes a unique approach on conducting business, and Mark and Steve of WealthFit discuss maximizing short-term rentals in Tampa.


From the financials, we go towards the highlights of the lifestyle section as Rob O’Neill, SEAL Team Six Leader, talks about overcoming adversity in everyday life; multiple time Olympic medal winner, Shannon Miller, shares how to have a gold medal mindset; Hugh Steward, a nuclear engineering degree holder, discusses the magic of high-quality questions; Fitness trainer, Tony Horton, sheds light on the cost of hustling; and J.J. Virgin talks about the biggest challenges to health. Finally, we gather wisdom on entrepreneurship from the CEO of WealthFit, Andy Proper, who talks about the difference between having a virtual company and physical one; Than Merill, former professional football player, shares the lessons from the NFL that could be applied to business; former rapper turned businessman Jesse Itzler advises on figuring out where to put your time and efforts; thirteen-year-old entrepreneur Alina Morse talks about time management; and Danica Patrick, the only woman to have led laps at both Daytona 500 and the Indy 500, reveals the secret to assembling a great team. Take a walk back into memory lane as you join us in this episode and learn some great wisdom that could help you create a life of abundance in time, money, and impact.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • The wisdom about money from Jean Chatzky, The Money Couple, J.P. Servideo, Ellen Long, and Garrett Gunderson (12:45)
  • Highlights from the talks on investing with Matt Wallace, Andy Tanner, Robert Kiyosaki, Frank McKinney, and Mark and Steve of WealthFit (40:30)
  • Great insights from the lifestyle section by Rob O’Neill, Shannon Miller, Hugh Steward, Tony Horton, and J.J. Virgin (1:09:47)
  • Lessons about entrepreneurship from Andy Proper, Than Merrill, Jesse Itzler, Alina Morse, and Danica Patrick (1:31:54)
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