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Episode Notes

The essence of rules-based investing is to have a set method for managing your money. These methods can come in different forms. Rules-based investing expert and founder of Portfolio Café, Tim Fortier, has been an investment professional for over 30 years. In this show, you’ll discover the magic question you need to ask whenever you’re sitting across from someone selling you a system or a process. This million-dollar question will cut through the pitch and prompt the other person to explain themselves fully. Tim also debunks Wall Street myths, discussing how habits from 1950s still prevail, and how we can fall into bad investment mindsets because of this. He also shares a key strategy for receiving consistent returns. If you are a seasoned stock market investor or just toying with the idea, you’re going to love the insight shared in this show.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What rules-based investing is (05:48)
  • The first step to rules-based investing (17:26)
  • Why managing risk is the most important aspect of portfolio management (28:59)
  • What Tim is excited about for the future (43:00)
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