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Episode Notes

As the youngest of six children, Dr. Tom McFie grew up so poor that he shared a single bed with his brother until he was ten years old. And so at a very young age, Tom decided that poverty was unacceptable. Through his research on acquiring wealth, he discovered The Perpetual Wealth Code. Today, sharing this key with others is his passion. Tom works tirelessly to help people scale the ladder from poverty to true wealth. As the founder of Life Benefits and author of three books on finance, Tom realizes that wealth means more than just money. He shares tips on how to build wealth and how you can become wealthy outside your wallet.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Where to grow your money safely (15:23)
  • Who is qualified to get life insurance (18:35)
  • How Tom was able to increase his cash flow by 40% in two and a half years (35:03)
  • The different ways to build free cashflow (43:53)

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