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Episode Notes

Someone who knows how to keep going and never give up just to tell his story to the world is Tony Nardolillo. He is the producer, director, and writer of a movie called Shine. Tony takes us on an amazing journey of perseverance and how he kickstarted his movie on Kickstarter, raising funds, and eventually getting his movie in over 600 theaters. He dives deep into this process he went through and peels back the curtain on the financials — how the money works, how much goes to whom, whether or not investors get a credit in the movie and more. Proving that no obstacle is too big to keep you from pursuing your passions, Tony’s story is one of perseverance and having a dream that won’t fail to inspire you to create.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The story of perseverance with Tony Nardolillo (00:56)
  • How did he get the idea for the movie Shine (05:43)
  • How did he get into 600 theaters (11:47)
  • Where does his perseverance come from (29:37)
  • His advice to the aspirants (41:09)

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