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Episode Notes

The financial services industry is the easiest industry in the world to make six figures in – but the hardest industry in the world to break even in. What most folks do when they make money is get comfortable and coast. That didn’t sit right with Travis Jennings. After seeking out an financial education and learning all about stocks, bonds, and ETFs, he sought to learn the ins and outs of the private equity industry. To him, it wasn’t about being invested JUST to be invested. He was working towards a real goal. Today, Travis is a financial concierge handling the unpredictability of family finance. Jennings talks about the tools necessary to achieve our goals and the importance of education beyond a degree. He also shares some wealth creation and tax saving strategies that everyone can use.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Travis’ path into the financial arena (06:56)
  • The role of a financial concierge (11:32)
  • What an accredited investor is (16:39)
  • The proper way of tax restructuring to reduce tax within means (24:01)
  • Travis’ biggest takeaways from working with high net worth individuals (36:51)

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