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Are you interested in Guest Posting or Becoming a Contributor?

A Guest Post is a single article published to WealthFit.com. Guest Posts are free article submissions from authors looking to expand their audience and portfolio.

If instead you’re looking to be paid for regular work, you’re interested in Becoming a Contributor.

Option A: How to Guest Post on WealthFit.com

If you’re interested in guest posting on WealthFit.com, please read the following rules:

1) No Payment. We do not typically pay for guest posts.

2) Limit Self-Promotion. The article should provide real value to the reader. It should not be about you or your company. We allow guest posts to have 1 self-promoting followable link per article.

3) Don’t Steal, Plagiarize, or Violate Copyright. You should have full and exclusive ownership of the work you submit to us.

4) Only Original Work. We don’t syndicate. Do not send us work that is published elsewhere. We only post original content.

If you understand the above rules, please fill out this form: Guest Post Request Form. We will get back to you within 2 business days.

Option B: How to Become a Regular Contributor

If you’re interested in becoming a WealthFit Contributor, please read the following information:

1) We’re Not Interested in Generalists. Our readers are not people well-versed in personal finance. It’s our job to move them from ignorance to proficiency. To do that, we need to write simply about topics that are complicated. And as the idiom goes: if you can't put it simply, you don't understand it.

We’re seeking specialists who are passionate about the topic they write about. We want the passion of our writers to bleed onto the page.

2) When It Comes to Grammar, Comprehension is Our Priority. We love grammatical rules—we love breaking them too. We only follow the grammatical rules that make our content more enjoyable and comprehensible.

If you look at our content you’ll notice our tone is not appropriate for an academic journal or Investopedia article, and we don’t want it to be. There’s a reason only academics read academic journals.

3) We Have Unique and (Sometimes) Radical Views. If you’re interested in writing for one of our topic areas, please read the other content we have in that area to make sure our positions are aligned. We only produce content in line with our unique brand perspectives.

Thank you for reading the above information!

If you’re still interested in becoming a contributor, please fill out this form: Contributor Application Form.

Contributors we’re interested in will hear back from us within 2 business days.