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  1. What Is The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)?
  2. What Is Section 609?
  3. The 609 Letter
  4. How Long Does a 609 Credit Repair Take?
  5. 609 Credit Repair Expectations
  6. Additional Ways To Improve Your Credit Score
  7. 609 Credit Repair Letter 
  8. Master Your Personal Finances

Have you ever applied for a loan, whether it was for housing, a car, or other types of financing only to be denied because of poor credit? If so, there is a powerful credit repair secret that you may not have used or even heard of. It’s called the 609 Credit Repair Letter.

A 609 credit repair letter can help you remove “unverifiable” bad marks, boost your credit score, and help you qualify for loans that you otherwise wouldn’t meet the requirements for. 

It’s another effective strategy to add to your overall credit improvement strategy

In this article, we’ll explain:

  • The rights you have under the “Fair Credit Reporting Act” to dispute incorrect information on your credit report
  • What a 609 credit repair letter is — and how to use it
  • Three different ways to obtain a 609 credit repair letter, including using a 609 credit repair letter for free
  • Additional ways to improve your credit score starting today 

Let’s get started! 

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What Is The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act may not sound that interesting, but it’s important to know what it is and how it affects you if you’re going to utilize the 609 credit repair strategy.

The credit bureaus can do a lot without your permission. They are:

  • Equifax
  • TransUnion
  • Experian 

They can collect information about you behind your back, store that information, and then put that information into reports which they sell to others.

Even worse: you don’t get a say in any of this. 

However, the credit bureaus have rules to follow too. Namely, they are required to abide by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

The FCRA (pronounced FICK-RAH in the credit world) is the chief federal law that tells the credit bureaus what they can and cannot do when it comes to credit reporting.

The rights you have under The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

One of the most important rights you have under the FCRA is the right to dispute any information on your credit reports that you think could be incorrect. Thanks to the FCRA you can question any of the following information on your credit reports:

  • Balances that seem incorrect
  • Dates that seem incorrect
  • Anything on your credit report that appears wrong or fraudulent
  • Anything on your credit report you wish to have verified

You basically have the right to dispute any information on your credit report any time you feel the need to. 

Of course, disputing a credit report item doesn’t automatically mean that it is going to be removed — but it does give you a better chance.

What Is Section 609?

The FCRA is chock-full of rights that you (as a consumer) can exercise when it comes to credit reporting. FCRA Section 609 deals with a series of those rights.  

But there’s a catch. 

The rights aren’t given to you automatically. If you want to take advantage of the protections afforded to you under Section 609 you need to be proactive and put in a request.

What does section 609 allow you to request?

The section also addresses a “summary of rights” for consumers which must be included with agency disclosures. 

One of those rights essentially states that a credit bureau doesn’t have to remove derogatory information from your file unless it cannot be verified. 

What does that mean? 

If an item on your credit report isn’t verifiable, you can ask for it to be removed.

The 609 Letter

In order to take advantage of the 609 credit repair, you need to write a letter. 

A 609 letter is the request you can send to credit bureaus if you wish to exercise any of the rights detailed above.  

Although Section 609 of the FCRA doesn’t technically give you the right to dispute information on your credit reports (that’s dealt with in FCRA Sections 611 and 623), many people combine their right to dispute with their Section 609 rights in the same letter.

The result of this combination? 

You might see an unverifiable derogatory account deleted from your credit reports, which will then increase your credit score. 

Keep in mind that there is something else that can happen. The other option is that the item could also be verified as accurate, stay put, and actually lower your credit score.

Should You Pay For A 609 Credit Repair Letter?

If you want to send a 609 letter to the credit bureaus, there are three different approaches to consider.

Should you pay for a 609 credit repair letter? Here are 3 approaches

1. The Do-It-Yourself Method

There’s nothing wrong with taking the DIY approach to save money. If you’re looking for a 609 letter for free, ensure to do some research first and follow through. 

After you have written the letter, you should send it to all 3 credit bureaus if the information you are disputing appears on all 3 credit reports. 

Certified mail may also be helpful.

2. Purchase A 609 Letter Template Online

On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with buying a template and using it as a guide for your 609 letter — if you don’t mind paying the fees. 

Before you make the transaction, ensure that the template is geared for this type of request. 

3. Hire A Credit Repair Professional

If you do decide to hire a pro, do your homework

Checking to see if the company is a member of the National Association of Credit Services Organizations is a good start. Like any business, some of the companies that offer help with 609 letters may be legitimate with some may not be.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

How Long Does a 609 Credit Repair Take?

When you ask for one of these marks to be removed, credit bureaus have 30 days to conduct an investigation. 

You should receive the results within five business days after the investigation is finished. 

609 Credit Repair Expectations

Although there’s nothing wrong with exercising your rights under the FCRA, Section 609, or otherwise, you need to be realistic in your expectations.

Sending a letter to the credit bureaus may not solve all your credit problems, even if some negative accounts are removed from your credit reports.

Deletions or no deletions, chances are you may have some more work to do where your credit is concerned.

Next, we’ll explore additional ways to do just that: improve your credit score. 

Additional Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

7 Ways to improve your credit score

There are things you can be doing alongside the 609 credit repair letter to help improve your credit score. This includes: 

Become An Authorized User

Getting added onto a family or friend’s credit card account — what’s known as becoming an authorized user — has the potential to help you build your own personal credit.

Once this happens, all of the history associated with that account gets added to your credit report as well.

This includes: 

  • payment history
  • credit utilization
  • age of credit

If this history is excellent, it will increase your credit score.

Learn the simple process of becoming an authorized user or adding an authorized user to your account here.

Write A Goodwill Letter

Do you have a late payment or other negative marks on your credit report that you have addressed, but are still weighing down your credit score? 

There is a solution: you can get them removed by writing what’s called a goodwill letter. 

Learn how to do that — templates are provided as well — here.

Remove A Derogatory Mark From Your Credit Score

Derogatory marks are long-lasting negative items on your credit report that you have yet to pay. As expected, they lower your score.

Why would you have a derogatory mark on your credit report?

This can include:

  • late payments
  • foreclosure
  • bankruptcy
  • debt settlement

Because payment history accounts for 35% of your credit report, any of these items can create a derogatory mark that can significantly lower your credit score. 

Learn how to get a derogatory mark removed from your credit report here

Use A Credit Card To Build Your Credit Score

While some may perceive credit cards as dangerous, when used properly, they can provide incredible benefits. You can even use a credit card to improve your credit score.  

Learn how to do just that with this simple 3-step process by clicking right here

What Makes Your Credit Score Drop? 

There are reasons why your credit score dropped that you may be aware of, including

  • You’re paying the balance at the wrong time of the month
  • Your credit card balance is too high

Discover more reasons why your credit score dropped with this guide

Learn What You Can Do With An Average Credit Score

How much financing can you obtain with an average credit score? 

Learn what you can and can’t do with a 700 credit score — and how to improve it — right here.  

Jumpstart Your Child’s Credit Score 

Have you thought about getting a credit card for your kid? At first glance, it may sound like a radical idea. But it’s actually a way to:

  • Help your child build a credit history so that he or she can qualify for low-interest rates
  • Teach your child about how to use a credit card safely so they don’t fall into the shackles of bad debt 

Find out the right way to get your child a credit card — along with examples of cards you can utilize — right here

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609 Credit Repair Letter 

Improving your credit with a 609 credit repair letter requires work, but the benefits you can cash in on once your credit is in good shape are well worth it. 

Plus, writing a 609 credit repair letter depends upon your personal preference: you can use a free template or hire a credit professional. 

If it’s right for you, utilize the 609 credit repair letter to remove any unverifiable marks on your credit report and continue to practice healthy credit habits so that you can save money by qualifying for low-interest loans. 

Master Your Personal Finances

Use a 609 credit repair letter to improve your credit score

And after you’ve addressed improving your credit score, don’t stop there. 

There are still other areas of your personal finances — including saving, budgeting, and debt management — that you can improve so that you can live a life of true financial freedom.